How to fight meanness? Try a bit of kind

To underscore how important it is for grown-ups to set an example, York University psychology Professor Debra Pepler suggests every Canadian adult should watch Children See, Children Do, a 90-second public-service clip from Australia that shows children variously mimicking an adult who is giving another adult the finger; being racist to a sales clerk; and walking by a mother struggling with spilled groceries and a stroller without offering to lend a hand. “It’s absolutely a social problem, not a school problem – it just happens at school because that’s where we aggregate children,” said Pepler, who is also a senior scientist with the Hospital for Sick Children, in the Toronto Star Nov. 22. As Canada’s foremost expert on bullying, she suggests the pace of modern life, the pressure of financial worries and the lack of old-fashioned family help in today’s far-flung world combine to leave many of us with too little time to think of others. Read full story.