Participants Sought for Study: Maternal Experience with Developmental Disability

Participants: We are looking for mothers of children with a developmental disability (e.g., ASD, autism, PDD-NOS, Global Developmental Delay, Down's Syndrome, FASD, physical disability etc.):

  • Child is 5-21 years old
  • Diagnosed atleast 2 years ago
  • Mother is a South Asian Immigrant OR Canadian origin

 Goal: To understand the experience of South Asian Immigrant and Canadian mothers raising a child with a DD, in order to identify better ways of supporting mothers.

Complete online questionnaire (30-45mins):

1. South Asian immigrant mothers: (Password: matexsa)

2. Canadian mothers: (Password: matexcan)

You can also participate in follow-up interview. You will be offered an honorarium of $35 for your time.

For more information, please contact Nidhi Luthra at or (416) 736 2100 ext. 40266