Canadian Nutrition Society 1 day conference

Trevor Teich and Deanna Porras)


On January 10, 2015 - the Canadian Nutrition Society, the umbrella organization for nutrition students and scientists and clinical nutrition practitioners, in association with Dietitians of Canada, held a 1‐day conference at the Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel. A total of 9 speakers gave talks on diverse topics on protein nutrition, including Protein and Amino Acid Requirements in Health and Disease – What We Have Learned and What Are the Remaining Gaps; A Protein‐ Based Approach to Optimizing Adaptations to Exercise, Protein Requirements during Growth and Development, Proteins and Metabolic Diseases, and Effects of Protein Quantity & Timing of Consumption on Appetite Control & Weight Management.

About 250 delegates attended the conference. The School of Kinesiology and Health Science and the Faculty of Health were co‐sponsors of the conference and were well represented. Dr Ola Adegoke was one of the conference planners; he also moderated the morning presentations and discussions. In addition, a graduate student in the School, Mahshid Moghei was one of the student organizers. With the help of Laura Austen, York University (KHS/FoH) had an information booth, manned by two graduate students (Trevor Teich and Deanna Porras) and two undergraduate students, Sepideh Aminmansour and Chen Gao.