Christine Jonas-Simpson

Nursing professors win provincial teaching awards

Two York nursing professors have won provincial awards for innovative and excellent teaching. At its fourth annual awards ceremony Saturday, the Council of Ontario Universities Programs in Nursing (COUPN) presented Patricia Bradley with the Teaching Innovation Award and Christine Jonas-Simpson with the Excellence in Teaching Award. Above: York nursing Professors Christine Jonas-Simpson (left) and Pat […]

Stillbirth epidemic claims more lives each year than HIV-AIDS and malaria combined

When Christine Jonas-Simpson’s son Ethan was born, there was an eerie quiet in the delivery room, and then a piercing wail. “The only cry I heard was my own,” she said sombrely. Ethan was dead, “born still” in the language of grieving parents; “stillborn” in the medical vernacular. The umbilical cord was constricted, essentially suffocating […]

Living with dementia

Imagine that you are a commercial pilot flying an airplane filled with passengers bound for London, England. Over the Atlantic Ocean you suddenly lose your instrumentation and find yourself in a haze where you cannot see the horizon, yet you are still propelling through the clouds. Then for some reason, you descend through those clouds and you […]