Nazilla Khanlou

Women Living with Homelessness: They are (almost) invisible

In her presentation  at the Women’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Speakers Series  on April 24th  sponsored by the Echo Chair in Women’s Mental Health Research, Associate Professor of Nursing Isolde Daiski spoke about “Women Living with Homelessness: They are (almost) invisible”. Daiski was a hospital nurse for many years, before she earned her Masters and […]

Maternal grief: the need for social support

“I fell into a huge hole,” says Helena Stahls, a bereaved mother, describing the impact of the death of her 34 year-old daughter Donna, by suicide. Although she lost her daughter more than a decade ago, it was clear that the pain of that memory persists for Stahls and that was one of the key […]

Exploring social justice in critical health research

Does race affect the quality of healthcare that people receive? Are people with Type 2 Diabetes more likely to be chided for their genetics or treated as a disadvantaged social group with a high occurrence of the disease? Why is it so difficult to get accreditation in Canada after having been internationally educated? These questions were […]