York researchers find that going to Facebook or Twitter to complain won't improve your mood

Do you take to Facebook and Twitter to complain about whatever goes wrong in your daily life? Perhaps you should do just the opposite to feel better about the world around you. Recent findings by York psychology Professor Myriam Mongrain and graduate student Susan Sergeant, both researchers in the Faculty of Health, support this as […]

York prof receives Parkinson Society research grant

How does dance seemingly bypass the neurodegeneration that occurs in the Parkinson brain and facilitate improvement in movement in those with Parkinson’s disease? That’s the question York Professor Joseph DeSouza of the University’s Centre for Vision Research hopes to answer with a research grant supported by the Parkinson Society Central & Northern Ontario DeSouza, along […]

Psychology Faculty Research Open House: Celebrating Research & Faculty-Student Collaboration

More than 18 faculty members from the  Department of Psychology  presented their latest research at the  Psychology Research Open House on Monday, November 18, 2013 in 163 Behavioural Science Building. The well-attended event, organized by Dr. Alexandra Rutherford, Dr. Jill Rich and the Undergraduate Psychology Students’ Association, was a faculty version of the annual poster […]