Shayna Rosenbaum

Most studied brain in the world: Cranium of man who couldn’t make new memories still yields secrets to scientist

When part of his brain was surgically removed in 1953 to cure his seizures, accidentally leaving him unable to make new memories, Connecticut labourer Henry Gustav Molaison became psychology’s greatest case study, known as HM to a generation of brain scientists. . . . Insights into brain plasticity have led to a newer vision of […]

Researchers partner with e-training company to study memory and learning

How do you best remember what you’ve learned in an employee training course? That’s what York psychology Professor Shayna Rosenbaum, an expert on the psychological processes of learning and memory, and her team is hoping to figure out in collaboration with an e-training company. Rosenbaum received a $23,951 Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of […]

People with amnesia can make future choices, researchers say

People with episodic amnesia, stemming from damage to their brain’s hippocampus, may no longer be able to imagine their future, but they can still make decisions about it, a finding that surprised York psychology Professor Shayna Rosenbaum. “It suggests that there is a lot more going on than previously thought,” says Rosenbaum. “You might think […]

Faculty of Health Awards 2010 Awarding its Faculty Members of Excellence

Congratulations go out to our exceptional faculty members in receiving their Faculty of Health Awards this year. The Faculty of Health Awards was created to recognize the excellence of individual faculty members in achieving our mission of providing an innovative and supportive environment for learning, teaching and discovery. The recipients of these annual awards are listed as follows: 2010 Faculty […]