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Cognitive advantages of second language immersion education

The linguistic and educational success of second language immersion education is now well established. What has been less clear until recently was whether children who attend immersion programs show the same kind of advantages in cognitive skills, such as metalinguistic awareness and executive control, as do children who are early bilinguals. . . . In […]

Immersion goes beyond French

Research, including from Ellen Bialystok of the Department of Psychology at York University in Toronto, indicates learning more than one language at a young age can help develop skills for understanding different cultures, help in completing linguistic and non-linguistic tasks more efficiently, stimulate mental activity and enhance cognitive abilities, reported The Globe and Mail Sept. […]

Bilingualism boosts cognitive capacity and helps adults ward off Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia

A 2012 study by York Psychology Professor Ellen Bialystok finds speaking more than one language has wide-ranging cognitive health benefits for children, adults and seniors. Professor Ellen Bialystok and co-authors reviewed recent studies using behavioural and neuroimaging methods to examine the effects of bilingualism on cognition across the lifespan. Their review builds on earlier evidence […]