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Aging with “Gusto” at the Faculty of Health Lunch and Learn

The Faculty of Health hosted its third Lunch and Learn on Wednesday, November 20, 2013. Michael Gravelle, a retired Managing Director for a company specializing in psychometric assessment and talent management and currently a fitness instructor, certified personal trainer, triathlete, writer, and speaker, spoke to faculty and staff in the Faculty of Health about healthy […]

2013 Faculty of Health Awards: Honouring Academic and Leadership Excellence

  The Faculty of Health celebrated the academic and leadership excellence of three exceptional students on Tuesday, June 11, 2013, in the Schulich Private Dining Room at the Faculty of Health Student Awards. Jennifer Hunter, Julia Salzmann, and Adam Fogel were the recipients of the most prestigious honours awarded to the Faculty’s most outstanding student […]

Improving Student Service and York Processes: PRASE

  “Has anyone ever asked, ‘I wonder if we’re meeting [the students’] expectations or can we do better?’” asked Michelle Miller, Project Lead of Services for Students in the Process Re-Engineering And Service Enhancement (PRASE) program and co-presenter, with Sarah Cantrell, Director of Accountability & Budget Planning at PRASE, at the second Faculty of Health […]